Black Lives Matters

Cocccon, Creativity can care dedicates this wonderful collection to #BlackLivesMatters. With every purchase USD, 10 will be donated to the movement. This special collection is based on artworks by Berlin-based artist Hemma Seifried. Born in Munich, with working experiences in Berlin, Stockholm, and New York, Hemma has always been an artist. When she was 3 years old, her grandfather, an artist himself, helped her make her first oil painting. She has always been invested in social criticism and making a positive impact on her community. Since her bachelor thesis, an old factory journey in cooperation with 9 Berlin-based refugees from African countries and perfumer Mark Buxton, social topics like inequality and racism more and more influenced her work. All artworks are personal discussions in which she processes personal experiences and phases of her life. The themes intertwine fictional, personal, and real-life events that resonated with her. They often include criticism of the US government and the unequal treatment of Afro-Americans and BIPOCs in the US and worldwide. Nevertheless, the exact meanings are not made public and are supposed to provoke a thought process in the viewer. The whole concept is digitalized by Georg Andreas Suhr, co-founder Cocccon and implemented on textiles and dresses by designer Prakash from Cocccon.